Our Mission

Loads of Love serves the homeless community by providing free laundry service on the streets

Washing clothes for those in need helps:

 1) Restore dignity

 2) Raise health standards

 3) Build community

LoLo believes that the dignity of a person can be restored when people feel valued. Clean clothes gives a fresh sense of being for people, an increase in confidence and opportunities for pursuing employment.

LoLo believes that health standards are improved when clothes are clean and free of dirt, mold and wetness.

LoLo believes that the best way to build community is not by funding government programs but to individually participate in reaching out to segments of the community in need. By participating personally, whether in personal contact, behind the scenes or financially, the end result is that the person to person contact means more to those in need when they know it is another person taking enough interest in them giving them value that creates a community bond.

The majority of homeless being served can fit in at least 1 category below.

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