Loads of Love (LoLo) is California's first free mobile laundry service for the homeless that started in the summer of 2016. Our LoLo van is equiped with 2 washers and 2 dryers and can run entirely without water and electrical hookups making it truly mobile. Currently, LoLo serves in Santa Cruz county and plans to partner with other like minded groups to expand into other cities. Even more important than recieving clean clothes from LoLo, is the love and support our volunteers share with each person while washing.


The biggest request outside of food is the need for clothes. Living without a place to call home and exposed to the elements leaves a person's wardrobe worn, dirty and sometimes wet. This leads to unhealthy conditions promoting sickness, loss of dignity and opportunity.


We aim to build up, encourage and restore that which has been taken away. Dignity, value and good health are 3 important ingredients that every person should have. Having clothes that are clean and fresh help foster these 3 areas because everyone has been created with value and importance.


The purpose of washing clothes for others is to express in a physical and practical way God's love. As Christ washed the feet of his disciples showing love through service, Loads of Love wants to do the same. 



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